Roast Potatoes| How We Made It

A Kitchen In Uganda

I always have a feeling that every recipe created in this big big world of ours has a story behind it just like how we individuals have stories to tell. That’s what makes everything unique in its own way right?!

This is a story of how we (me and my little sister) nailed the roast potato in an oven toaster.

This summer I wanted to experiment more with cooking because after all, I wanna be a chef some day. I have been a long time reader of Manger the blog and this particular night, we sat a solid 3+ hours catching up on the blog and mentally swooning over the fabulous food!  Then an idea hit us and we wondered if it would ever be possible to roast potatoes in an oven toaster. The next day,we tried. Our neighbors had rosemary planted  in their backyard, so we asked for a stem…

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9 thoughts on “Roast Potatoes| How We Made It”

  1. If you continue experimenting with the recipes of the place, you are sure to achieve your aspirations. I like potatoes in any preparation because I am Peruvian (I live in Venezuela). It is good to know your meals and I think your preparation is great.

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